Harper performs with Spiritbox

Harper joined Spiritbox on stage last night to perform 'Holy Roller' in front of a SOLD OUT Islington 02 Academy at their headline show.
So, how does it feel to perform with Spiritbox? “I definitely felt like I had more energy up there than on America’s Got Talent,” remembers Harper. “On America’s Got Talent, I was just standing there shaking.” Before AGT, she hadn’t been on the stage a great deal, and she was so nervous in the run-up to her performance that her audition had to be pushed back. Having Courtney by her side proved to be helpful, as did a different sort of audience than the spectators who watched her audition with looks of confusion. “When I was with Courtney, I swear she gave me her energy and all the people in the crowd, since they knew metal music, [I felt like] they would understand it,” she continues. “When I got onstage, I was like, ‘I love this. I wanna go again!’ My heart was beating so much after that. It was so fun, but also scary.” - Kerrang! Magazine

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